How is Biomile composed?

We created our own unique environmentally friendly product from a combination of additives that have been previously used and proven for its safety and effectiveness

Biomile is a solid form of fuel additive that dissolves completely in fuel to enhance drive-ability and vehicle performance. It is a combustion catalyst, which means that fuel is burned more thoroughly. Produced from 100% active ingredients, Biomile eliminates the excessive packaging and handling costs previously associated with the bottled additive products.

Biomile is composed of a variety of components that are well-known in most major U.S. businesses.  Its mixture is almost identical to the popular bottled products found in most American retail outlets.  What makes our product different is how the active ingredients are molded in the form of a tablet, making its weight much lighter than the traditional bottled liquids.

How is Biomile different?
  Biomile is similar to the traditional additive products sold in bottles. However, Biomile is more affordable and user-friendly. Approximately 90% of the typical additive is comprised of special carrier fluids and about 10% is the active ingredient. Biomile is the active ingredient condensed to a solid tablet. The end result is a lighter weight package that costs less than the traditional liquid or capsule additives. Freight and storage charges are a fraction of the cost of traditional bottled products. See label for additional information. In addition, unlike other additives, Biomile is rated as a superior environmental product.

What type of engines and transportation does it work on?
  According to lab tests, Biomile is compatible with all automotive elements, which include catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.  Our tablet is suitable for all engine types: 1) Land and water transportation 2) Small and large vehicles 3) Gas and diesel engines. We recommend using the tablet for small capacity tanks such as cars or motorcycles and the crumb for large industrial vehicles like trucks or boats. Because engine types vary, our products can also be customized to meet each person’s need.  


How effective is Biomile?

When mixed with fuel, Biomile is dissolved in a maximum time of 2 hours. The amount of time needed for dissolving depends on the quality of your fuel and how fast it moves within the tank while driving. Extra time may be needed for diesel engines since this fuel type is not as fragrant as regular fuel. The more you use your vehicle, the faster your tablet will liquefy.  Independent laboratory tests have proven that the tablets dissolve no later than two hours while the vehicle is stationary.

Where can I purchase the product?
  Biomile orders can be placed online, by phone, by mail or from your local distributor. Our product is available globally in most countries. We do both local and international shipments.  Some countries have designated distributors that market our product, which is more economical than purchasing directly from us. Please phone or email us for more information or to learn if distribution is available in your area.


Is it safe?

Some people often worry about the outcome of placing a tablet or crumb into their tank. One common concern is the fear of the tablet not dissolving completely causing the remains to travel to the fuel line, affecting the rest of the engine.

However, most engines have special safety features, which are active while Biomile completes its dissolving process. First, all tanks contain a screen protector near the fuel pickup tube opening, which blocks unwanted sources such as debris from entering the fuel line. Secondly, all fuel is screened by an in-line filter, which eliminates objects that are 5 microns in diameter or more.

How do I become a distributor?
  All distributors are established by a formal agreement, which includes a performance clause. Usually, each country or region has one assigned distributor but this varies depending on location. Becoming a distributor involves proper planning and thorough product knowledge. We have a number of individuals who have successfully handled direct sales internationally and others have also done marketing through other company networks. When one expresses interest in the distributor program, the first step is to mail an introductory package, which includes detailed literature and tablet samples to help develop more familiarity with our product. Since all markets are unique, we customize to ensure the needs of each distributor are met.